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Our shipping losses policy page
INSURED SHIPMENTS:   There will be an envelope taped to the outside of the shipping box which contains a form to fill out and send back to us regarding the condition of the birds and the shipping box upon arrival.  BOTH YOU AND THE POSTAL WORKER MUST INSPECT THE CONTENTS OF THE BOX WHEN YOU ACCEPT DELIVERY OF THE SHIPMENT.  There is a place for the Postal Worker to sign and date the form.  This is done for proof that the Postal Worker inspected the shipment with you.  You will then need to mail it back to us within 7 days of receipt of the shipment.  IF WE DO NOT RECEIVE THIS FORM BACK  FROM YOU WITHIN THAT TIME LIMIT, NO INSURANCE WILL BE FILED AND NO REPLACEMENTS WILL BE SENT!!!!!  Due to some problems caused by a few people in the past, the policy of shipping replacement birds will be changed this year. NO REPLACEMENT BIRDS WILL BE SENT UNTIL THE INSURANCE FORMS ARE RECEIVED BACK IN OUR POST OFFICE WITH ALL OF THE PROPER SIGNATURES.