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KATINSKY'S Poultry and Game Fowl
Shipping information
All our poultry are shipped Express Mail through the US Post Office. The cost of this form of shipping is much higher than Parcel Post, but has many advantages, including rapid delivery anywhere in the US, less stress on the chicks, home delivery in many locations and much more. We can only ship to addresses in the United States. No APO/FPO, Post Office boxes, US Territories, Alaska or Hawaii.
Express Mail charges differ according to zip code, but are usually much less than $27.30 per box. This price includes insurance and shipping box. Most chicks will be delivered within 24 hours (usually by noon the next day), often directly to your home. Please check with your local post office to see if they have the home delivery option in your area. Otherwise, you will have to pick your chicks up at your local post office. All chick deliveries should be picked up as quickly as possible to prevent/reduce losses due to stress, weather extremes and dehydration. Please open the box at the post office or as soon as you receive it and report any losses to your postmaster. They have a special form to file for insurance purposes. All losses will be credited to your account and can be applied to future purchases.
Shipping charges are not to be paid until time to ship your chicks. You will receive an email, phone call or letter telling you the expected date range for delivery and the amount you need to send for shipping costs. Please send this amount to us as soon as possible to avoid cancellation of your order.
We accept Certified cashier's checks, money orders or PayPal  for all payments.